Faces of Armenia
Photo project about the Man and his inner world
This is a story about a Man and his inner world. About what is not visible. About something that can not be expressed in words.This can be felt.
One and a half months spent in Armenia in the summer of 2018 discovered for me new beautiful country that has picturesque mountains, clear rivers and waterfalls, secluded monasteries and Lake Sevan.

My main impression, however, was Armenians. This is a smiling, hospitable, open-minded people with a sense of dignity and strong charisma that you can feel even children have and in particular man and old people have.

There are collected pictures of faces which I've met in the 'Faces of Armenia' photo project. With some people there was a short photo shoot (we olny had time to get acquainted and ask names of each others), with others there was pretty long conversation.

Often I was invited to dinner, I was treated with tea and regaled with fruits and cognac. Time and again I was invited to visit.
I like looking at people, peer at them like they were some artwork. I like imagining time changing man and his way of life, thoughts and actions reflecting on his face. It's important to me what kind of world a person has in his eyes.

Looking at the portrait, one can roughly say how some person lived, what kind of interests he had, his occupation and how rich or poor he was.
But the main idea I want to show through the portraits of Armenians is not how much money you have, what house you live or whether you have a car.

The main idea is what kind of person you are! What kind of dream you have, what is important to you and what you can see in people.

After all, what kind of person are you, so you will see others.

I'm sure in 'Faces of Armenia' everyone will see something of one's own, something special, one's image of good and light and find out there is Love in each of us.
If you can help the project to be realized in the form of photo exhibition, photo album ...

Or you want a similar project to be realized in another country ...

...contact with me in a way that is convenient for you.
Aleksey Kaznadey
Photo artist
39 y.o. Minsk, Belarus
Theater ana art photographer
(+37529) 77-401-22
Minsk, Belarus
Faces of Armenia
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